Presentation of a certification or its equivalent in print or digital form to a competent officer,  as defined by the relevant decree, will be mandatory at registration for entry to the conference.  In an attempt to control the spread of coronavirus in Greece, the Greek Government has decided that presentation of valid documentation becomes mandatory in hospitality venues and other gathering places including conference sites.

It is noted that valid documentation, citizens aged 12 and over, is considered of the following forms of evidence:

1. Vaccination certificate. Citizens can present the Vaccination Card given to them at the Vaccination Centres, or

2. Proof that a person has contracted COVID-19 in the last 6 months. 

3. If one of the above does not apply, and as a temporary solution, citizens aged 12 and over are given the option to present a negative test certificate, from a PCR (valid for 72 hours) or a rapid test (valid for 48 hours). Citizens may present either the form provided by the different test units or the text message sent to their mobile phone with the result of the test. It is specified that certificates from an antibody test or self-test will not be accepted.


Additional Measures:

  • The use of a protective face mask is compulsory in all indoor areas and outdoor spaces
  • Maximum set capacity in the session rooms and other indoor areas of the conference according to the relevant decree.
  • Application of antiseptic solution before entering the rooms and staying at a safe social distance from others are strongly encouraged
  • Other measures as necessary.